Friends of History express their concern about the Roman sewers

Friends of History express their concern about the Roman sewers

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The cultural association Friends of the History of Calahorra has recently issued a statement in which its concern for Roman sewers located on Calle San Andrés since one of the buildings that give access to these will soon collapse.

For seven years, from 1995 to 2002, these sewers were they opened to the public at no cost to allow citizens to discover the remains of the ancient Roman city thanks to the collaboration of Moisés Arnaiz who owned access to that part of the sewers.

In 2002 the government approved considering them as a Asset of Cultural Interest in such a way that the event made great headlines in the media, later they were closed to the public as a supposed method of conservation.

This last measure made sewers were absent from maintenance type they deserved, being flooded with fecal water on many occasions so that once they were closed, contrary to what was thought, their deterioration was not the least important.

After be closedIn addition to ensuring that the public could not enjoy these ancient remains, their investigation, excavation, consolidation and musicalization have not been carried out as they should have been done when they are considered a Site of Cultural Interest.

The association maintains the hope that after the collapse of the building it will be possible to proceed with the excavation and recovery of this archaeological zone, although this remains to be seen.

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