Risk of losing Italy's heritage

Risk of losing Italy's heritage

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Six months are those that UNESCO has given the Italian government to report on the progress in problems and conservation of the Pompeii siteHowever, other smaller historical relics could be in danger.

It is feared that if the Pompeii site loses its recognition as a world heritage site may create a domino effect on other places smaller, as is the case of the Villa Poppea ruins, considered one of the most beautiful in Italy.

Villa was the property of Emperor Nero and possibly it was also used by his second wife, Poppea Sabina, when her husband was not in Rome. Its structure is in deterioration due to humidity causing its painted walls and mosaics to be little by little destroyed over time.

The Poppea Village It is located a few meters above the sea, thus creating a panoramic view of the Gulf of Naples. On a 15-meter high cliff, access to the villa could be done through a beautiful walk through its gardens.

Despite being known for the beauty of its frescoes, gardens and swimming pool, it is hardly found in the tourist routes which suggests that it will not be properly preserved in the future.

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