Honduras opens a Mayan fort to the public

Honduras opens a Mayan fort to the public

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Experts claim that archaeological site is a Mayan fort in the Copan Ruins, west of Honduras and is open to the public, since restoration work has been completed.

Honduran Vice President María Antonieta Guillen presided over the opening ceremony and stated that the site would unveil more mysteries about the Mayan empire.

The site is located in an area where you can see a fault baptized as Rastrojon, a name given by those who have occupied the place for the last 50 years for presenting many seeds and stubble, as confirmed by the president of the Copan ruins of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Raúl Welchez.

The Rastrojon fort It was built a couple of kilometers from the Copan Ruins, where the Mayans carved their history in stone.

The altitude of the place allows you to see the Coplan Valley and the city founded in what is currently the province of the same name to the west of Honduras, on the border with Guatemala.

According to Welchez's geomorphological study, the presence in the site of a fault with pronounced depressions can be confirmed, a natural phenomenon of great importance for the Mayan religion.

The Honduran vice president thanked the representatives of Harvard University and the Archaeological Project of Rastrojon Copan, as well as archaeologists Jorge Ramos and William and Bárbara Fash for the research and financing of the project.

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