8,000-year-old figure found in Turkey

8,000-year-old figure found in Turkey

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Archaeologists have discovered the head of a 8,000-year-old figure in the excavations of in İzmir’s Yeşilova tumulus, in Turkey. This head belongs to the statue of a goddess.

Professor Zafer Derin acknowledged that during this year very important remains have been found, but he emphasized the finding of the four-centimeter head, since it is the first of its kind in Turkey.

Women and fertility were considered sacred in Western Anatolian culture, Derin adds. According to him, this area was the center of the culture of the "mother goddess". "We already know that the worship of mother goddesses was common in this region, and now we have the head of a figure that represents the mother goddess. People used to place this statuette in their home to have healthier children. It is a very beautiful piece from 6,000 BC.”Informed the professor.

Derin states that the name Anatolia is often said to come from the holy character of the "mother goddess", adding that portraits of these deities are very common in the pottery of the region.

Another notable find in the Yeşilova excavations was a stamp in the shape of a shoe, which people used to use when they had to sign necessary documents.

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